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Harry Potter Chocolate Frog, 0.55-oz

Harry Potter Chocolate Frog, 0.55-oz

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Harry Potter fans will love this delicious milk chocolate frog with crisped rice in a new packaging design. Each one comes with new collectible cards featuring legendary wizards and witches from the books and films, bringing some of the most popular Wizarding World's characters to life.


Remember when Harry visited The Burrow and discovered the big, fat Weasley frog? Well, Jelly Belly’s Harry Potter™ Chocolate Frogs are pretty much exactly like that! Each and every chocolate frog is designed to look totally lifelike, so you can use it to scare your favorite muggles and wizards or to complement your Potter-themed party. And if you’re a collector of Jelly Belly Chocolate Frog cards, you’re in luck! Each edible amphibian comes with a collectible trading cards featuring the legendary witches and wizards from your favorite books. This product comes with six 55.-ounce chocolate frogs made of creamy milk chocolate with crisped rice. Stock up on chocolate frogs for unique Harry Potter party favors!


Certified kosher by the OU

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