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Made in Israel Dekarina Bental Sweet & Delicate Nougat and caramel - 4 pieces

Made in Israel Dekarina Bental Sweet & Delicate Nougat and caramel - 4 pieces

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Karina and Gyora Chepelinski established their boutique chocolate factory in 2006 on Kibbutz Ein Zivan, in the heart of the beautiful Golan Heights.

Karina inherited her chocolate recipes from her grandfather, who was a European chocolate maker. He left Europe for South America, where Karina’s father continued the family business with a South American twist.

Karina synthesizes over one hundred years of her family’s passion for making exquisite chocolates with her scientific knowledge of nutrition and chemistry. (She hold three degrees) She has combined the traditional working methods of her father and grandfather with her innovative research to create the most delicious chocolates and chocolate products.

Karina has continued to uphold her family tradition of commitment to quality ingredients, focusing on using natural ingredients and a minimum of processed materials. Karina only uses Israeli milk in her products. (Chalav Yisrael)

Creativity and love for chocolate drive her in all she does, and it shows in the high quality of her creation



Nougat, milk jam Dairy, gluten-free,

50 grams Kosher L'mehadrin Kosher milk

We create DE KARINA's chocolates for you with lots of love,

From classic European recipes - which I inherited from grandfather, combined with the South American passion that father added to them.

We create them here, blue and white, by the hand of an artist, with over 100 years of reputation, and two academic degrees,

I combine the traditional working methods with innovative research and development, to offer you amazing premium chocolate, containing a minimum of industrialized materials, and a maximum of pleasure and natural ingredients.

Taste it, you will understand.

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