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Mondo di Laura Pepyta Maxi Vegan Cookie - 0.60gr BB: DATE nov 2023 CLEARANCE

Mondo di Laura Pepyta Maxi Vegan Cookie - 0.60gr BB: DATE nov 2023 CLEARANCE

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I have lugged these cookies back from Italy to savor at a later date. Now you don't have to travel to Italy to enjoy them.


Intrigued by an old recipe that did not include eggs in its preparation, Laura has customized it over time until she found its version: abundant pieces of dark chocolate and small flakes of Himalayan pink salt, that manage to surprise the palate and give a precious little moment of pure gluttony.

Certified kosher pareve by the OU


INGREDIENTS: WHEAT flour, vegetable fat (coconut oil, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, olive oil), cane sugar, dark chocolate 12%: (min. cocoa 54%, cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifying agent: SOY LECITHIN, natural vanilla flavoring), granulated sugar, water, cocoa 5%, rising agent : baking soda, pink Himalayan salt 0,6%.

Contains cereals containing GLUTEN, EGGS

May contains traces of SOY, TREE NUTS,  SESAME SEEDS
Keep away from sunlight and heat sources. Shelf life 12 months


The Pepy-ta biscuit by Mondo di Laura awarded as "Top Italian Food 2023" by Gambero Rosso

"I am happy to receive this award and that our work has finally been recognized. Pepy-ta surprises you, you expect a chocolate cookie instead you find something really unique. It will be an important year for Pepy-ta, I am sure that she will be appreciated and known even more" says Laura Raccah, owner of the company.
The production of the Roman company Mondo di Laura consists of eight types of biscuits divided between chocolate, cereals and spices. The offer is completed by "I Decorati", hand-decorated biscuits created specifically for the holidays, such as Christmas. Laura's World cookies, kosher and certified without milk and traces, are made with top quality ingredients.
It is undoubtedly Pepy-Ta, the most representative biscuit and also the best-selling in Laura's World. Made with pieces of chocolate, cocoa and pink Himalayan salt, it is "a truly unique proposal to be found in the world of large-scale distribution" explains Laura. Born from a perfect combination Ghilty, the cocoa biscuit scented with orange peel, pieces of dark chocolate and candied orange. Both Pepy-Ta and Ghilty are two delicious vegan cookies to be enjoyed bite after bite.
The company "Mondo di Laura" was born from the work and intuition of the entrepreneur Laura Raccah who, thanks to her expertise in the confectionery world, has managed to create a concept of industrial pastry dedicated exclusively to biscuits "good, different, to be savored in their completeness and uniqueness". Each biscuit of Laura's World, in fact, is not a simple base flavored to various tastes but is the result of a process that combines manual skills and production technologies. This is combined with the creation of a recipe designed specifically for each biscuit able to enhance the ingredients that compose it and, with each bite, conquer the palate with a truly unique flavor and texture.
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