Sh’mallow - Marshallow Topping in a Can

Sh’mallow - Marshallow Topping in a Can

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Sh’mallow (Sh-mah-loh) is the marshmallow you never thought possible, but you’ve always wanted. Why settle for ordinary marshmallows? I have been on the quest for the perfect, joy-giving treat that sparks the imagination!

Sh’mallow, the first aerosol marshmallow that sprays, tops, and toasts on any dessert, beverage, or whatever your imagination craves!


The idea of Sh’mallow came on a 4th of July celebration in Portland, several years ago. I wanted to find some hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. Who doesn’t love marshmallows on their hot cocoa? Unfortunately, the stand I came across only had whipped cream to top my favorite drink, so I walked away disappointed. Just as the fireworks show started, a firework went off in my head as well: I need to create a MARSHMALLOW that can spray out, just as easily as whipped cream! A SPRAYABLE, FRESH marshmallow that can be TOASTED! Sh’mallow was born that day, and we’ve been working tirelessly to reach this delicious dream ever since.

We had the dream. We made it happen. We can’t wait to share it with you!


Gluten Free

Dairy Free


Kosher certified by Oregon kosher


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