In 2004, I was walking with my family near my home, when my four year old son noticed an empty storefront and said "If you could sell anything in that storefront what would you sell?"  My response was automatic: "kosher food."  And that's how Kosher Gourmet Mart began. 

Kosher Gourmet Mart was the first gourmet kosher supermarket on the internet and was the first store to offer kosher certified nam pla (which I used to bring back from Israel in a suitcase) as well as other hard to find kosher items. 

Now that nearly 20 years have passed, my website has now changed to being one where I offer a curated website with the most interesting and delicious products, I have discovered over the last several years.  These are some of the best and most unique kosher products out there and hope you will try them and will enjoy them as much as I do.