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Galil Brands

Achva Chocolate Filled Cupcake Individual Wrapped - 45g

Achva Chocolate Filled Cupcake Individual Wrapped - 45g

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Indulge in the simplicity of Achva Cupcakes, the perfect treat for those who appreciate the pure essence of cake. These individually wrapped delights are made with love and care, allowing the flavors to shine without distractions. Whether you prefer classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or crave the surprise of a chocolate-filled center, Achva Cupcakes have you covered. The moist and tender cake is a testament to quality ingredients and expert baking. Achva Cupcakes bring simplicity and flavor together perfectly, offering a delightful treat for any occasion. * Perfect on-the-go snack * individually wrapped for freshness


Certified kosher by Badatz

Made in Israel

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