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Chocolate Covered Cabernayzyn®-0.5oz-Cabernet Wine Raisins® - 20 units

Chocolate Covered Cabernayzyn®-0.5oz-Cabernet Wine Raisins® - 20 units

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Chocolate Covered CabernayZyn® Tasting Notes - A Marriage of Premium Chocolate that is smooth and slightly sweet paired with decadent Blackberry, Cherry & Cabernet Jam surrounding that toasted rice puff crunchy center. You have always heard that a glass of wine is good for you, right? Well, now you can eat that same glass of wine!

A Wine RayZyn® is a new, superfood dried fruit made from premium California wine grapes. Unlike conventional raisins, wine raisins® are seeded raisins that still contain the antioxidant rich grape’s seed, which has been caramelized and toasted inside the whole fruit. Invented by a wine loving Cardiologist, wine raisins® actually super-concentrate the same heart healthy antioxidants found in wine, grape seed oil, grape seed extract and grape seed flour. Perfect addition to oatmeal, ice cream, granola, or cheese trays. Also a great “grab and go” pantry snack for both kids and adults --> No Alcohol.

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