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Made In Israel - Sheffa Sesame Savory bar (1.27 oz, 42g)

Made In Israel - Sheffa Sesame Savory bar (1.27 oz, 42g)

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Sheffa Savory snack bars are carefully baked and seasoned with rosemary seasoning to provide you with a delicious, tasteful and healthy Vegan snack bar that contains no sugar, fruits or artificial additives. Our gluten-free snack bars for kids and adults are made to give you the extra boost you need to keep you active throughout the day. The nutritional snack bars are kosher and vegan-friendly, contain no MSG, trans fat, GMO’s, cholesterol and are low in sodium.

No fruits or sweeteners: when we say No sugars or fruits, we mean it.

We only use savory ingredients to bring you low sodium and vegan-friendly snack bars that are ideal for all ages. Perfect at home or on the go savory treat that you and the whole family can enjoy Vegan & Low carb: Sheffa Savory protein bars are made using whole grain blend (brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet), sunflower seeds, chickpeas, plant-based dietary fiber, sesame seeds, tapioca starch, olive oil, dried carrot, garlic powder, sea salt and spices.

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